Dragon Hunter


Mission Assembly


In ancient times, there existed a mysterious creature on the continent, said to possess immense power and wisdom, known as 'dragons'.

These dragons were believed to be guardians of the land, capable of bringing prosperity and peace, but their existence also attracted the covetous eyes of many warriors.

According to ancient legends, dragons only opened their hearts to true heroes. Therefore, IC Markets Global has released three levels of missions: Bronze Missions, Silver Missions, and Gold Missions. Each level represents a different challenge and reward.

Only those true heroes can ultimately earn the dragon's recognition and unlock the treasure bestowed by the dragon...

25/03/2024 - 31/05/2024 MT4 TIME

*Terms & Conditions apply

Dragon Hunt Mission

Bronze hero
Bronze Mission
Initial Deposit$200
Trade Lots2
Rewards Bonus*Up to $88decoration line
Bronze hero
Silver Mission
Initial Deposit$2000
Trade Lots20
Rewards Bonus*Up to $188decoration line
Bronze hero
Gold Mission
Initial Deposit$10000
Trade Lots188
Rewards Bonus*Up to $888decoration line

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Participation Process

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Open an Account

Open a New Trading Account with IC Markets Global (if you do not already have one).

Event Registration

Fill out the Registration Form on this page to confirm your participation.

Fund and Trade

Deposit a minimum of $200 USD into your live trading account and execute: 2 valid lots.

*Only FX and Metals CFDs will count towards the volume requirement.

Claim the Rewards

After the event, use the exclusive lucky draw link sent to your registered email to draw your task rewards.



When can I enter the lucky draw?

You may participate once you meet all eligibility criteria and entry requirements. The entry period is from March 25, 2024, to May 31, 2024. Following this period, we will review all entries. Eligible participants will receive an exclusive draw link within 30 working days after the campaign.

Is the prize in form of cash?

The prize will be credited to the Trading Account you provided in the registration form. You can use it to fund your future trades or withdraw it at your discretion. Please note that the prize cannot be claimed using alternative methods.

Can I participate in the lucky draw multiple times with multiple deposits?

No, participation is limited to one entry per person, regardless of the number of deposits made.

When can I expect to receive the prize?

Your event rewards will be credited to your registered trading account once the draw is complete. All rewards will be credited to trading accounts by June 30, 2024.